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Episode 61 - Hittite 5 The Conqueror's Triumph and Death

 Hattusili I has already shown himself to be a cut above the Anatolian kings that have come before him, but like all the most ambitious of men he has set his sights far higher than just Greatest Anatolian King. Today he marches eastward to challenge the Syrian kingdom of Yamhad, where he will campaign for the rest of his life in an effort to outdo the great Sargon of Akkad. Then he will die after a pretty good showing, but the drama doesn't end there. On his deathbed, the family squabble over succession will force the ill and aged king to re-order dynastic politics.

Map time? I think it is map time. Click to enlarge for some glorious detail. This is really from the new kingdom, but the general region stays pretty stable, plus or minus some territory.