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Episode 11 - Wisdom 1 Instructions Manual

This week we look at the wisdom literature of Ancient Sumeria with a genre called instructions which are just that, instructions for how to live, from the ethical to the deeply practical. We will learn how to live a good life and how to farm barley, as well as other things.

As to the mention in the show that actual philosophy doesn't start until the greeks, yes, an expert can tell you why these things don't count as Philosophy and how they are less sophisticated than later greek writings, but I find them valuable and philosophical all the same.

Not so many notes today, except to say that while I breezed through these, there is quite a lot here that is worth pausing and pondering on. Also know that there is quite a lot that isn't here, the genre is much bigger that just these four instructions and while I may come back to it later know that there is a lot I haven't covered.