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Episode 2 - Sumerians 2, Lugalbanda, the first superhero

In this episode we continue the narrative where we left off last time. The city of Aratta is again growing rebellious, and so King Enmerkar assembles an implausibly large army to put them down once and for all. Of his eight divine generals, we only even know the name of one, but his adventures prove dramatic enough to satisfy. The website and the podcast are all working on the technical side, at least at the current moment, so click here to listen .

Episode 1 - Sumerians 1, Enmerkar and Aratta

The first episode begins, properly enough, at the beginning, with a tale so old that it contains within it the invention of writing. Listen as I recount for you the tale of Enmerkar, second king of Uruk, as he provokes a war with the rival city of Aratta. Hopefully, this is the correct podcast link .   Also, it should show up in the feed on the side. Still working on the technical side of things.